Laying Out a Page

lovo-dummy-lores-pg-14-15.pngLaying out a page is like playing a game. There are some good things about the page, but always some troubling ones.

Is the pacing smooth? Do the character poses adequately convey what I’m trying to express? Does the page have an interesting visual balance? These are all various aspects of storytelling. I tell the same story, first with plot and dialogue. Next with layout, then with color. If it were a film, I’d add a musical score.

My goal is to make each page as effective as it can be for its purpose in the overall work. This phase can lead to some stress, but as I keep on, the answers are coming quicker. I am playing with more skill. And when a page is laid out as it should be, there is something that just feels right. I get the same satisfaction one gets from “beating” a game.


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