The Intimacy of Small Things

Love is both small and large.

You start by loving what’s right in front of you over and over.

The way a mug is placed upon a mat – the feeling it evokes, the harmony of color and composition, all natural, all spontaneous.

You observe the beautiful patterns of leaves and branches in trees outside your window and how they appear against the sky.

You appreciate that the harmony you experience is generated not by the objects but within.

You are drawn to creating environments, objects and situations that express this harmony.

Your energy becomes loving, caring, serving, self-empowered.

This isn’t the caring of circumstance as in you care what happens to other people, it’s subtler and deeper.

It’s caring for, not caring about.

It’s caring for life in this brilliant moment.

If something needs to be picked up, pick it up.

If something needs building, build it.

If something in you needs caring for — a vulnerability, a disappointment, an emotion, care for it. And do it all with devotion, love and with everything you’ve got.

Be the guardian of your moment.

These are such small things, but they open into the big thing, which is boundless.

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